Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A task for this blog...

One nice thing to have here would be pictures and descriptions of the various kinds of alternative modes of transportation there are.

The self-propelled kind might be most important to show. After all, most of us aren't getting the exercise we want, and we also tend to live within five miles of work.

Some of the forms I'm thinking of are recumbent bicycles, spring stilts (or whatever they're called--remember that ad when everyone in an outdoor urban setting of the future when all sorts of business dressed, upscale types are standing, walking and jogging by on them?), roller blades, skateboards, waveboards (especially), and there's another contraption I've seen that looks like almost like mobile eliptical trainer where you use a free-style cross-country skiing technique to move about as fast a slow bike (some guy did it across country to promote it).

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